Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brian Moran and Social Media. WTF.

So, our "dude", Brian Moran, as you might know, was "chosen" to lead the Democratic Party of Virginia. You know I have a few issues with Brian... like the fact that he can't win his own brother's Congressional district in a governor primary. SMH, and he's the Democratic party chair in Virginia.

One of the biggest weaknesses in the last couple of statewide elections in Virginia was that Democrats (and partcularly, the state leadership) had no plan to get the young people out to vote (see Creigh Deeds). When you have a plan to get young people out to vote, you can win statewide elections in Virginia... just ask Barack Obama.

One of the best ways to reach younger voters with your political message (not that Brian is using any other venue) is through social media... the fastest growing social media network in the United States and worldwide is Twitter. I have an account at HokieGuru. Guess what? Your Democratic Party Chairmen in Virginia is Twitter account free. The only sign of Brian Moran Twitter action is a parody account.

SMH!!! This is 2011, Brian... let's get it in gear!!! SMH!!!

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